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We offer trips to suit all types of anglers as well as private whale watch and sealife trips.

Striped Bass & Bluefish - Sunset Trip - Bluefin Tuna - Flounder - Private Whale Watch

Striped Bass and Bluefish

Season: Late May - Late October

  • The Beth Ann has a full line of light and medium weight spinning rods and van stahl reels, spooled with power pro braided line. We use these when vertical jigging using Daddy Mac jigs, RonZ plastics or a number of other fish-enticing lures. When we see the bass and blues breaking the surface we will also use these outfits to cast a variety of surface plugs and poppers.
  • Another effective way to catch fish in our waters is wire-line jigging, especially when the fish are water. We let out about 300 feet of wire line, which we attach a 5 oz. River Fox jig to, and slowly troll over the most productive areas. Although some people think there is no “feel” for the fish using this technique, wait until you hook-up to a twenty pound striped bass and then you decide!.
  • When the fish are being picky, we slow troll the hugging the bottom, normally in shallower “tube and worm” using lead core line, or umbrella rigs using wire line.

Trip Time: 4 Hours
Capacity: 1-6 People
Cost: $500
Additional Time: $100/hour

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Sunset Striped Bass and Bluefish

Just for one or two people, this shortened trip offers the opportunity to get a quick fishing trip in before dinner.

Trip Time: 2.5 Hours (4:30-7 PM)
Capacity: 1-2 People
Cost: $350

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Bluefin Tuna

Season: Mid June - Late October

  • Using Shimano Tiagra 50 wides, the Beth Ann trolls a spread of daisy chains, special tuna plugs and lures, and spreader bars to entice "schoolie" blue fin tuna to come up from the depths and attack our offerings. These "schoolies" can weigh anywhere from fifty to over one hundred and fifty pounds, so don’t let their nick-name fool you!
  • When we see the tuna breaking the surface in pursuit of baitfish, the Beth Ann uses its medium weight spinning rods and reels to toss special Ocean Lures, Ron Z tuna chasers and a number of other special attractants at them.
  • When the conditions are right, the Beth Ann will either anchor up in the deep water or drift through the hot spots, letting some live bait fish float in the water columns to entice the tuna to come up and feed.

Trip Time: 8-10 Hours
Capacity: 1-6 People
Cost: $1050

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Flounder or Fluke

Season: Flounder – Spring Fluke – Summer

  • Flounder - using light tackle spinning and conventional rods and reels, in targeting flounder the Beth Ann uses fresh, fat sand worms and anchors up in various spots around Provincetown Harbor. Using our specially made chum, the aroma’s drift through the water and the flounder make a beeline toward the boat and your waiting hooks.
  • Fluke – using the same light tackle spinning and conventional rods and reels which we use for flounder, the Beth Ann uses the freshest sand eel’s available, squid, fluke belly and live mummy’s to help you catch some of the best tasting fish in the sea. We drift over swallow waters and drop-offs, and also target some secret deep water spots for giant fluke.

Trip Time: 4 Hours
Capacity: 1-4 People
Cost: $425 (1-2 people) $500 (3-4 people)
Additional Time: $125/hour

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Private Whale Watch

Season: Late May to mid-October

  • Stellwagen Bank, the National Marine Sanctuary located just north of Provincetown, is home to a myriad of marine life, most notably whales. We will see Humpbacks, Finbacks, and probably even Minke’s. Although North Atlantic Right Whales are now an endangered species and sightings are becoming rarer, they are still occasionally seen around our waters and we sometimes come upon them, which is a real treat. Other marine species such as dolphins, porpoise’s and ocean sunfish (mola mola) are seen on our trips as well.

Trip Time: 4 Hours
Capacity: 1-6 People
Cost: $550
Additional Time: $125/hour

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Striped Bass Fishing Video

Check out the video below of striped bass fishing aboard the Beth Ann.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Videos

Check out the videos below of bluefin tuna fishing aboard the Beth Ann.